At Hitronic, we're excited to introduce you to Assetsure - they specialize in insurance for any type of bicycle, including electric cycles!


Assetsure offers a variety of insurance options for bicycles! If you're interested, just reach out and they will be happy to provide you with all the information you need. 

We've been given the following information from Assetsure about their bicycle insurance policy:


Our specialist bicycle insurance policy includes the following as standard:

Your cycle Insured for its cost as new against:
Accidental Damage Theft Theft away from the Home Theft of Cycle Battery Collision damage Malicious damage Hijacking

Remember to always insure for the full recommended retail price, in the event of a claim, no deduction is made for older cycles. Legal Expenses £100,000- Useful for persons using their cycles on a busy road and can help if a claim needs to be made against a motorist.

Also included with our standard cover:
Replacement Cycle Hire

If you need your cycle to travel to work or to take part in an event such as Cyclo-Cross or a Triathlon and your own cycle is unavailable following theft or damage.

Accessories, Helmets & Clothing

Inclusive insurance for your cycle accessories or specialist helmets & clothing. You can increase the sum insured limits if required

European Use

Our policy automatically includes up to 45 days use in the European Union. This will also include: Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Madeira, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland.


We also offer the following “Optional Covers”
Public Liability

Protects you against claims from a third party which could include a pedestrian, another cyclist or a motorist. Choose from either £1 million or £2 million cover

Personal Accident

Provides you with a capital sum if you are involved in a serious accident whilst using your cycle. You can choose a level of cover to suit your needs.

Competition Use

You can extend your policy to include cover whilst using your cycle to take part in competitions such as cyclo-cross or triathlons


For your Free Quotation call Assetsure or click on the following link to QUOTE NOW