UK Standards Guide


The UK has laws on the use of electric bikes and e-scooters. In this guide we have put together the information regarding what you should be aware of before purchasing your electric bike or scooter.

Beneath you will find our compiled summary of the laws that will keep you legal and safe when  using  your electric bike or scooter.



EAPC, also referred as electric bikes do not require insurance or a license. The maximum  limit to the motor on public roads is 250W, however there are  e bikes with higher limits which  can only be used on private land with the landowner's permission. The maximum speed limit for e bikes on the road is 15.5mph.

The ebikes we offer  are mainly fit for the UK standards.

REMEMBER : that the motor size must not exceed 250W power in order to be used in public spaces. And if the ebike  has a throttle they are not classed as an EAPC (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle) and therefore can be only used in private spaces.

Additionally, electric bikes (EAPCs):

  • Licence is NOT required
  • Insurance or registration is NOT required
  • Riders must be over the age ¬†of 14
  • Helmets are not compulsory
  • Motors should be limited to 250W on public roads
  • ebikes must be powered by pedal assist and not a throttle on public roads
  • The maximum ¬†speed should be limited to 25 km/h on the public road




UK Law currently states that privately owned electric scooters are illegal on public roads and must only be used on private land with the landowner’s permission.

Future changes in the law are expected.

In the near future the UK government has plans to legalise electric scooters and therefore is working on a Transport Bill to be passed by the Government to amend the laws. It is speculated to be around May 2023 (TBC).

When the Government announces that the electric scooter is to be legalised it will also has some kind of a maximum output set by the Government for it to be used legally on the public road. At current there are some e-scooters used by rental companies which are limited to 15.5mph with road safety lights.

When the Transport Bill is announced the e-scooter manufacturers will have to meet the road standard safety legislation.

The E-scooters available on our website can be also checked before the purchase.  

We will update you on any changes in the law in this section, alternatively if you need any further info contact us as

Dated December 2022