Working together to promote green transportation and electric bikes in the UK
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Usual transportation means may not provide the benefits new technologies and solutions do. With over 20 years' combined experience and passion to cycling to  a lot of things changed. 

At Hitronic, it doesn’t matter if our customers are new to cycling or a professionals - here everyone can cycle with confidence knowing that they will have the best quality products with best customer support available in the UK's market.

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We love cycling and are passionate about transforming current ways of transportation in the UK and want to help as many people as possible get out and enjoy it whether they cycle for leisure, commute to work or others. So if you're like us and you're serious about cycling our affiliate program  could help you create an additional income by helping us to reach wider public in the UK.

Partner with us today and we'll supply you with approved assets to promote Hitronic electric bikes to your customers. In return, you’ll receive a commission share for each sale made following a referral from your store or website. 

Hitronic affiliate program

We’ve teamed up with our partnered company to offer an easy way to promote electric bikes across the UK. To join our affiliate team today email us at to request the application.

If you have any queries, or are struggling to complete the application, then you can contact: we are always here to help.


Lets work together and promote green transportation and electric bikes in the UK!