The new revolutionised world and technology,since the last 50years. The main and traditional devices and appliances,have all undergone big changes in upgrades and are mostly Electric,and are using advanced level of electrical power. Cars and Motorcycles are all becoming Hybrid or Electrical and so on. The E bike is no conception it also is up there with its counterparts becoming electrical,they now are integrated with an electrical motor,that helps in propulsion. Ebikes uses battery power that is chargeable along with human input to pedal push them forward. We all know that the world we live and revolve in is set to change on a massive scale In energy use being transferred from the old into the new greener energies that are friendly to the environment. The E bike is excellent for the environment as it has no Carbon dioxide emissions meaning Zero emissions. This is simply achieved by charging the bikes battery with green,renewable energy,also there are many other benefits of a E bike example,easy and small to travel,not stuck in traffic easy parking,less weight on the roads and infrastructure,so less damage to roads and hence less to no road work issues which greatly reduces the amount of pollution resulting from fixing roads. Saves journey time and no noise or air pollution. E bikes contribute to good health for the human body,society and of course environment. The E bike will improve blood circulation facilitate stress release and not too mention the fresh air you'll receive while out riding on them. The E bike truly is a Revolutionised way to travel now and In the future.